Sunday, July 14, 2013


Many of us recall what was referred to as the "Cold War"....this was somewhere back in the early 60s.  All of this centered around how we were going to survive a nuclear attack.
Dog tags were issued to many school children who also went through the "duck-and-cover" drills.  The government began issuing brochures, films, and radio advertisements to prepare US citizens of such an attack.
Also...many things were put into place to protect officials of our government...this was known as the "Doomsday Fleet."

Friday, July 12, 2013


Nobody starts out to lose a fight, or a battle, each side thinks they can gain the upper hand and be the gallant winners, even the countries that are known as 'super powers'.
In WW II the Allies formed up the ABDA [American, British, Dutch, Australian] Fleet to take on the Imperial Japanese Navy.
Well folks they did get into the battle...that was for sure, but the ABDA Fleet got there butt beat....loss of ten ship and 2174 sailors.

HERE is that story