Thursday, October 29, 2015


The past has always been an interest of mine, especially the past World Wars and how fate inter-acted with "Chance" on who won the War.
Well here is an article that provides some insight on how close Germany came to tilting the scale in there direction in having a "one up on the US."
The following is an intro into the article: In a last-ditch attempt to win the Atlantic War, Hitler's production geniuses created a fast, silent-running, deep-diving, hard-to- detect submarine that revolutionized Naval warfare even though it came along too late to save the day.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Ok so a lot of us know that former President H.W. Bush was the youngest Naval Aviation Pilot in WWII.......Well folks it has been learned that ....that is not the case at all.
Come to find out by a recent survey that there was a 'Young buck' that beat the former President by a few days.  Now this did not go unnoticed by the then Vice President Bush....he acknowledged this and sent the gentleman congratulating Mr. Downey  of this status. is his story of how all this took place, and of his encounters as a teen Naval Aviator in WWII.
As far as I know the gentleman is still alive and kicking today

It's a good article click HERE to read.


Now folks here is a tad of history that you may have heard of if you are somewhat interested in some of the early wars of our time..
Actually this article describes "How the lowly maggot and mistreatment of Russian sailors aboard the battleship POTEMKIN changed the world
The POTEMKIN was a different design from the usual French-influenced battleships of the day.  As well even the name of the ship had an unusual flare.  
Well I could go on and on here....but if you want to roll your eyeballs over this article I do believe you'll find some interesting historical facts that you did not realize.

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