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You know I've always been impressed by the countries that was not reluctant to raise there hand when the world and it's countries were fighting to remain "Free" .....Oh Yes, "War" was an ugly word that is for sure....but when the chips were down they never hesitated to join the fight for the cause.

So...this next article will provide you with just a 'thumbnail' of history on one of those countries that never delayed in joining the fight....oh yes it was a struggle....but her and her people never wavered.

This 'mini history' starts around WW I....and kind of provides you with a simple 'overview' of what they had to deal with in gathering up well as their seamen, whom was not all that knowledgeable of the sea...but they were a proud bunch and 'heroically' answered the call to the colors.

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Ah Yes!!!!....Leave home and join the Navy.  Thinking that "Yes" now I can get away from "Mom & Dad" be free to do as I please......well let me tell you young man....."Even the U.S. Navy provides you with a "Mother"....and she even provides a place for you on this "Mother ship" to "wash behind your ears!!"

Yes....I do make light of the subject of "The Mother Ship" or better known to all the small ships involved in a "landing" as an APB...[Auxiliary Barracks, Self Propelled]..    If you were out there on that small PC....or ..Destroyer....LST's...and the list goes on and on....there comes a time when you need or want something....ranging from Ice Cream, to fuel, to just a nice hot shower ....the skipper of any small vessel always knew where "The Mother Ship" was located.

These "Mother Ships" came about prior to WW II....ships use to "get and get can" from the local area...or from other ships....but that was not going to work in what was to be believed to be the Naval operations that was to come.  The big brass soon realized that large tenders couldn't provide all the much needed supplies to the small craft that was need in these types of operations.  Cargo and troop ships could supply some....but not in the quanties that was needed....and they was all needed to do what they were designed to do.....  Some how yes even Ice Cream....had to be provided to these small fighting vessel that didn't have the room to 'store' supplies for days on well as providing transient berthing and messing facilities for small boat and Seabee barge personnel.

So....up pops the suggestion of using heck of an idea.  Well it sure sounded like an idea that was worth entertaining.  Well in time the idea was approved....several LST's were choosen to be converted....

Ok....I'll leave you hanging just a tad here.....a kind of tickle your interest sort of thing. 

This is the subject of this article ...just how did these ships come about....Oh yes there are just a couple areas that is dry reading to some....but on the whole if you've never thought of how "supplies" were provided....then even the small "dry areas" will be interesting to you.

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She Went to Battle ...Eager...and in Condition to Fight
She Departed the Battle...a Tad Tattered & Battered

The USS Newcomb (DD-586)....a 2100 ton Fletcher class destroyer....a real "go get her" kind of warship.....and believe me she lived up to this to the hilt!!!!

On the 6th of January 1945 she, as well as others, got into a fight with enemy aircraft.....and she even received fire from a friendly vessel in the area that was attempting to splash a Jap plane.....which caused seventeen casualties ....of which two were fatal.

Then on the 6th of April the Newcomb got into battle with many Jap Kamikazes...and again she took one heck of a beating.  Oh don't get me wrong here...the crew of the Newcomb splash several Jap planes....but as she manuvered into her ordered position  in the Pacific Theater of operation to protect other vessels is where she got hit mighty hard.

The first Kamikaze crashed into her after stack....the second one came in low on the starboard side bow ...she was shot down...but the Newcomb wasen't so lucky on the third one...that one hit her in the vicinity of the torpedo workshop....and let me tell you ..."all hell broke loose."

If your into reading about "in the heat of the battle" espiodes that took place in WW II....this is one you don't want to miss.  The Newcomb lost 43 officers and men well as 64 more were wounded.....and most would say...."this lady is not going to make it!!!"  But she did....and this is the story of how that took place.

If you'd care to read about this event....and view the damage that took place...not only of her but others as can click on this link:

I think after reading you'll come away with wondering...."how did they do it...and keep their right mind?"

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Above is a fact this article is about this exact plane, 42-P-4 getting attack and shot down on June 3 & 4 of 1942, but it was due to this tragic event that led to the discovery and salvage of a downed Mitsubishi A6M2 Type 00 carrier fighter...or better known as a Zero.

For some time the U.S. Navy was attempting to gather intelligence on the construction, equipment, and performance of the fabled Japanese "Zero."  What really needed to be accomplished was to obtain one of these aircraft fairly 'intack'....but when your fighting a war that is not all that easy to accomplish.

So....without getting into the meat of this article....I'll just say that the PBY 42-P-4 gave them Zero's from the Japanese carrier Ryujo one hell of a fight...and she did get her 'licks' in before going down...  In the end the plane was destroyed, and the total crew lost, but if there is any 'good' that can come out of the loss of did come about in this event.

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"Yes....she was loaded to the 'gills' with money" ....and "Yes" she did go down due to a hurricane in the Atlantic in September of 1857.

Now folks I'm not talking about a few 'old coins' here and there....  There was 592 pasengers and crew aboard the SS Central America....and this included several hundred mineres returning from California...many of these guys were carrying leather pouches...and huge money belts....stuffed....and I do mean stuffed with money as well as gold .  On top of all this the ships strongbox was gold specie consigned to New York banks.....worth $40 million....[in that era...just think what $40 million would buy you....]

Well this article provides details on the "LAST CRUISE OF THE SS CENTRAL AMERICA" 

If you'd care to give this short article...about 4 pages or so.....a 'tumble' you well see how some divers became extremely wealthy over night ...about $300 million worth...yep a 'Divers Dream'

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Many, many times readers has asked me...."Ok, just  how close did the German U-boats get to our Eastern shores?"  Well my answer is always the same....and I look at these youngsters that have asked this question and say, "That is one question of many questions that I don't have a 'specific' answer for....other than saying...."Pretty Darn Close."

People don't realize that our Eastern seaboard was lite up like a Christmas tree after dark during the early part of the WW II effort.....and the U-boats would lay in wait off our the freighters would cruise down the slot...back lite by those off shore lites....the U-boats had a "Turkey shoot."

Those poor Merchant seaman didn't have a chance....and people could stand on those beaches...and many times watch these 'merchants' get hit by this  U-boat slaughter of our freighters.......

Now here is another fact that many don't realize.....these U-boats could lay out off our shores for several days on end....when they stared to get a tad low on torpedoes, food, and possibly the need of medical supplies....they would be "re-provisioned" by a "Milkcow"   ...[a large German supply submarine that was just going back and forth in supplying these U-boats.....which if you'd care to read..."one darn interesting article...just click this MILKCOWS]....

So this article of mine....which you can click this title to 'give it a go'  U-BOAT ONSLAUGHT  gives you some idea of what our merchant seaman went through each day when they traveled the 'slot' to get the war material in the hands of the boys fighting in distant lands.

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As a "dabbler" in history...especially Naval history..I seem to read about some event..organization....weapon...ship...etc..etc. and wonder...."Now just how did this get did it get from 'Point A to Point B'?? 

This is how I came to arrive at providing some understanding, in a simple manner, and in loose chapters to the reader as a way to get a 'overall' understanding of how the U.S. Navy grew in the early years.  I'm not attempting 'in-depth' detail....just a run through of hopefully some gentle understanding of the "who, what, and why."

There was a time period in the U.S. history, inbetween the War of 1812 & the beginning of the Civil War the United States simply went nuts with growth.

Everything increased....and not just a 'little bit'....a whole bunch.  The U.S. territory went from 1.8 to 3 million miles.  Population went from 8.5 to 31.5 million.....and exports...[are you ready for this....]...82 million dollars to .....400 million dollars.

So...with all this 'growth' how in the world did the U.S. Navy fit into all of this....  Did this organization do this on its own....probably not, so who helped....and what did they do....and better yet how did they do it?? 

If your into reading a tad on "beginnings" of the "who, what, and why"....then this is the article for you.  Set back and just let your eyes dance over this short article...and see if you come away with a better understanding of what took place....and maybe....yes, maybe it will inspire you to read some additional chapters that I'll slip in on this 'Blog'  from time to time about the "Beginnings." I've talked you into "at least giving this article a 'glance'" as your sipping the last 'slurp' of is the link: U.S. NAVY IN THE EARLY YEARS

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After a multi-million dollar refurbishing, the world's most-famous warship is back on public display at her Pearl Harbor anchorage

This short article is related to the above move and the refurbishing of the USS Missouri....kind of a "news" item 'Nautical articles' go.

Millions of dollars is spent on the maintenance and upkeep of these 'battlewagons' of the past....some of these warriors pay there own way as a museum ships...but the cost factor is huge....they require shell plate replacement and this is aside from the normal hull treatment that goes on ...on a regular basis. is just a short article of the movement of such a has plenty of excellent pictures to admire as your sipping that cup of coffee an downing that last crumb of doughnut...

Just click on this link: USS MISSOURI

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