Monday, November 1, 2010



A fantastic Allied intelligence coup quickly sealed the fate of all ten Hitler's all-important submersible U-tankers.
The signal was short and terse.  U-66 was dangerously low on fuel and in dire need of a doctor for a seriously injured crewman.  It's captain urgently wanted to know if there was a "milk cow" in the area - a supply sub that could render medical air and provide fuel.  The replay from Germany was a somber "nichts."  There had been on word from the milk cow assigned to that area of the mid-Atlantic for some time.  Headquarters had to assume the worst.  U-488 had disappeared without a trace; overdue and presumed lost.  The ninth of ten supply submarines sunk, she had vanished in the North Atlantic while trying to provide vitally needed provisions, fuel and torpedoes to German U-boats in mid-ocean rendezvous.

Unable to secure fuel to carry on its partrol, nor able to help a dying sailor because she carried no doctor.  U-66 had no choice but to cease its partol and return to Germany.  With her departure there was one less German U-boat for the Allied sub-hunters to be concerned with; one less torpedo-firing menace able to send an allies ship to the bottom.  But if fate of U-488 was an unconfirmed suspicion to the German High Command, its status was no secret to the U.S. Navy's Tenth Fleet, nor the hunter-killer group of destroyer escorts built around the escort carrier USS Croatan (CVE-25).  On that balmy 26th of April 1944, .........U-488 met a swift demise.

Above is the lead-in of how the U.S. detected the "Milk Cows"....and come to realize if we can get rid of the "supply source" to the U-boats....we can cripple them to the point of having to limp back to home base...and in the process being more vulnerable to complete destruction.

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