Thursday, November 11, 2010


This ole girl was the last of her kind...........and Ocean Going Fleet Tug that was somewhat of a "Jack-of-all-Trades."

If you happen on to any old salts of todays world an quiz them about this ole girl...they'll probable say she was remembered as the retired Coast Guart Cutter "Tamaroa."   But if your ever in an old waterfront bar....and happen on to an old WW II salt, buy him a beer or two and start up a conversation about the "Tamaroa"....he'll probable recall her as the Fleet Tug USS "Zuni (ATF-85)."

So you see she was just one of those vessels that somewhat "wore a few hats" in her day.  A bit colorful I'd fact she even had a crew that was just as colorful as she was....  There is a story going around that one of her crew went on 'liberty' one night....had a few too many....came back to the ship and for some reason...[I will not go into it in great detail on this lead-in]....opened a valve...flooded the ole girl and she was laying over on her side the very next of those crewmen that couldn't handle his beer I venture to say.

Well anyway if you'd care to give this one a read...and see what her wanderings were....all you have to do is just click on this: USCGCT TAMAROA (WMEC-166)  and I do believe you'll be in for a pleasant reading surprise.

Hope you enjoy the article.