Saturday, January 1, 2011


After a multi-million dollar refurbishing, the world's most-famous warship is back on public display at her Pearl Harbor anchorage

This short article is related to the above move and the refurbishing of the USS Missouri....kind of a "news" item 'Nautical articles' go.

Millions of dollars is spent on the maintenance and upkeep of these 'battlewagons' of the past....some of these warriors pay there own way as a museum ships...but the cost factor is huge....they require shell plate replacement and this is aside from the normal hull treatment that goes on ...on a regular basis. is just a short article of the movement of such a has plenty of excellent pictures to admire as your sipping that cup of coffee an downing that last crumb of doughnut...

Just click on this link: USS MISSOURI

Hope you enjoy the short article