Thursday, January 6, 2011


As a "dabbler" in history...especially Naval history..I seem to read about some event..organization....weapon...ship...etc..etc. and wonder...."Now just how did this get did it get from 'Point A to Point B'?? 

This is how I came to arrive at providing some understanding, in a simple manner, and in loose chapters to the reader as a way to get a 'overall' understanding of how the U.S. Navy grew in the early years.  I'm not attempting 'in-depth' detail....just a run through of hopefully some gentle understanding of the "who, what, and why."

There was a time period in the U.S. history, inbetween the War of 1812 & the beginning of the Civil War the United States simply went nuts with growth.

Everything increased....and not just a 'little bit'....a whole bunch.  The U.S. territory went from 1.8 to 3 million miles.  Population went from 8.5 to 31.5 million.....and exports...[are you ready for this....]...82 million dollars to .....400 million dollars.

So...with all this 'growth' how in the world did the U.S. Navy fit into all of this....  Did this organization do this on its own....probably not, so who helped....and what did they do....and better yet how did they do it?? 

If your into reading a tad on "beginnings" of the "who, what, and why"....then this is the article for you.  Set back and just let your eyes dance over this short article...and see if you come away with a better understanding of what took place....and maybe....yes, maybe it will inspire you to read some additional chapters that I'll slip in on this 'Blog'  from time to time about the "Beginnings." I've talked you into "at least giving this article a 'glance'" as your sipping the last 'slurp' of is the link: U.S. NAVY IN THE EARLY YEARS

Hope you find the article interesting