Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Many, many times readers has asked me...."Ok, just  how close did the German U-boats get to our Eastern shores?"  Well my answer is always the same....and I look at these youngsters that have asked this question and say, "That is one question of many questions that I don't have a 'specific' answer for....other than saying...."Pretty Darn Close."

People don't realize that our Eastern seaboard was lite up like a Christmas tree after dark during the early part of the WW II effort.....and the U-boats would lay in wait off our the freighters would cruise down the slot...back lite by those off shore lites....the U-boats had a "Turkey shoot."

Those poor Merchant seaman didn't have a chance....and people could stand on those beaches...and many times watch these 'merchants' get hit by this  U-boat slaughter of our freighters.......

Now here is another fact that many don't realize.....these U-boats could lay out off our shores for several days on end....when they stared to get a tad low on torpedoes, food, and possibly the need of medical supplies....they would be "re-provisioned" by a "Milkcow"   ...[a large German supply submarine that was just going back and forth in supplying these U-boats.....which if you'd care to read..."one darn interesting article...just click this MILKCOWS]....

So this article of mine....which you can click this title to 'give it a go'  U-BOAT ONSLAUGHT  gives you some idea of what our merchant seaman went through each day when they traveled the 'slot' to get the war material in the hands of the boys fighting in distant lands.

Hope you find both articles interesting