Friday, January 21, 2011


You know I've always been impressed by the countries that was not reluctant to raise there hand when the world and it's countries were fighting to remain "Free" .....Oh Yes, "War" was an ugly word that is for sure....but when the chips were down they never hesitated to join the fight for the cause.

So...this next article will provide you with just a 'thumbnail' of history on one of those countries that never delayed in joining the fight....oh yes it was a struggle....but her and her people never wavered.

This 'mini history' starts around WW I....and kind of provides you with a simple 'overview' of what they had to deal with in gathering up well as their seamen, whom was not all that knowledgeable of the sea...but they were a proud bunch and 'heroically' answered the call to the colors.

If you care to let your eyes dance over this short 5 can link to this article by clicking on this:

I hope you find the article interesting as well as informative.