Thursday, January 13, 2011


Above is a fact this article is about this exact plane, 42-P-4 getting attack and shot down on June 3 & 4 of 1942, but it was due to this tragic event that led to the discovery and salvage of a downed Mitsubishi A6M2 Type 00 carrier fighter...or better known as a Zero.

For some time the U.S. Navy was attempting to gather intelligence on the construction, equipment, and performance of the fabled Japanese "Zero."  What really needed to be accomplished was to obtain one of these aircraft fairly 'intack'....but when your fighting a war that is not all that easy to accomplish.

So....without getting into the meat of this article....I'll just say that the PBY 42-P-4 gave them Zero's from the Japanese carrier Ryujo one hell of a fight...and she did get her 'licks' in before going down...  In the end the plane was destroyed, and the total crew lost, but if there is any 'good' that can come out of the loss of did come about in this event.

If you'd care to give this short true story a 'go' can click on this title:

I hope the article is interesting as well as informative