Friday, December 31, 2010


Construimus, Batuimus
"We Build, We Fight"

Most of us that bounces around in the nautical research hobby....or better yet...the history of the U.S. Navy...are aware of the "Seabees," but I myself I always wondered to myself, "How in the world did a 'sea going outfit' develop....and accept a construction outfit?" does make one roll that thought around in the ole gray matter for a tad of I decided I was going to put down some facts about this "Can Do" part of the U.S. Navy, and to add some frosting to the cake I wanted to give an 'over-sight' of what they accomplished in WW II.

So...this is what this "Two Part" article is all about.   Lengthy???  yep...sure is...about 27 + pages worth of history and data.  So if your looking for "Seabee" info for a particular area....or time period you "may" find some to that info in this long and I suppose sometimes boring article of data....  But, and yes I will say "but"...for those of you that may happen onto a thread of data that you've been searching for in connection to the subject of "The Seabees"....well that will make this article all the more worth spending the time in banging it out.

Ok...I said it was a "Two Part" article....  Just click on this Link: THE "CAN DO" NAVY and this will take you too "Part One" the end of "Part One" is a link to "Part Two."
[Just in case you wish to "by-pass" Part one....and go directly to Part on this: PART TWO ]
Hope you find  the article informative and interesting.