Thursday, December 2, 2010


You know most of us don't really give a hoot just where 'things' go....or end up...when we toss them away due to "just not being useful anymore" long as they are out of sight...well I guess that is sufficient.  This is pretty much the way it is with 'ships.'  We really don't know, or care, where them ole rust buckets 'go' after they are passed around from one shipping company to another, but for those of us that research these 'beasts of the sea'...we soon learn that there sure are many dumping grounds for all these 'rust buckets.'

So...that brings me to this next article that I am 'throwing out' to y'all.  It kind of gives you an overview of just where these 'graveyards' are....and also just how do these 'graveyards' come about.

Oh yes I've presented past articles about the same subject fact if you look in the archives of this site there are at least one or maybe two articles on "Ship Dumping Grounds".  This one just has a slightly different approach to the subject of "Ship Graveyards" ...and I thought y'all may interested to read about these dumping grounds...and there orgin. suggestion is fill the ole coffee cup up, grab that last mouthful of morning coffee cake...and click on this title: BIZARRE SHIP GRAVEYARDS  and I think you'll find this resonably short article somewhat interesting.

Hope you Enjoy the article