Sunday, December 26, 2010


Some of you that prowl these articles are looking for ships, that a family member was associated with...a merchantmen...or Navy Sailor that roamed the seas on the many Liberty & Victory ships that criss-crossed the oceans during the war years.  Well if you care to donate a tad of your time in reading a little tad of 'history'..of how a lumber company got just may run into an answer to that question you always had of,..."I wonder whatever happened to that ship he was on?"

I don't know about you but I'm always astonished at how the history of one common thing seems to inter-weave into events that had an impact upon the war years...specifically the "nautical" impact that it played.

Now I can't set here and say this article is of a huge interest to the masses, but it is short and sweet and too the imbedded into the article is several ships names...Liberty & Victory ship names ...that was purchased by the Weyerhaeuser Lumber Co. to move there product from point A to point B.  So this is why I think there is value to my time of banging it out on this ole keyboard ....hopefully someone can find just where that "Long lost Ship ended up."

Anyway folks if you'd care to give this short run through of an article a 'going over' you can link up to it by just clicking on this: 

I hope the article is interesting and useful to you