Thursday, December 23, 2010


We all think that 'Just because your a U.S. Navy Sailor' that you'd serve aboard U.S. Flagged vessels.  Well folks...."I hate to burst your bubble" on this particular thought....if you were in the U.S. Navy Armed Guard that was not always the 'norm.'

And not only was this true for the U.S. Navy Armed Guard....but it was also true of the guys that joined the Merchant Marine Cadet Corps.   They as well were placed aboard Allied Ships.

Now I'm sure your setting here reading this and wondering " Well what the heck, what is the problem???  A ship is a ship and a gun is a gun.  So what is the big deal?"  Well folks it really was a "BIG DEAL!!!"  Reason being alot of those foreign flagged ships were only armed with ineffective weapons......most of these weapons on these foreign flagged ships was of the WW I era....

So you see...when some 'buzz happy Jap or German' came bearing down on the ship you were on....and they was 'throwing lead at you like there was no tomorrow' you wanted to at least have equipment that you "give as well as take" with this "buzz happy" enemy air-dale...and hopefully send his butt to land in the 'sea.' if you didn't know of this "situation"....and I've stirred the juices of 'wanting to know more'....well you can link to my article about this......just click on this link:

Hope the article is informative and a good read for you