Sunday, December 19, 2010


An Elegant well as....A Naval Wonder
Over a period of many years I've banged out of this ole keyboard a good number of 'ship articles,' and one of the things that seems to sadden me the most is what happens to what was once a gallant vessel....a vessel that has served the war effort with awesome become an old decrepted rust bucket, and pushed to an unforseen corner of a backwater bay. 

In other words...."we don't know what to do with 'them' so put them somewhere we can't see them and hopefully they'll just rust away"....yep, saddly that is what takes place.

One such example of that is what happen to the USS West Point (AP-23).  Started out to become the "Knight in Shinning Honor" named the "SS America" of the United States Lines.  I mean to tell you folks she was a beauty....or "one hot dude" as they would say.  She could extreme comfort, in three classes...1,202 passengers .....and carried a crew of 600 as well.

So...what started out as a "fairy tale"....didn't last long....  Along came WW II....and this "Ship of Dreams" was all dressed up with "no place to go."  Her Atlantic route was just plain "Unsafe" due to this rumbling of War that seemed to be on everyones mine....  Well the war became real....and in due course...the SS America was taken over by the U.S. Navy.  Converted to a large transport....renamed the USS West Point (AP-23)....  And let me tell you folks she done her job with one time she hauled .....are you ready for this?....9,305 people....including her crew.

Ok....enough said...if you are interested in the "Whole Story" of the USS West Point (AP-23) ...what she was involed in....what happened after the war....and how she ended up....which includes pictures of her in recent years.....(which is not a pretty site)....all you need to do is click on this link:

Hope you enjoy the article