Friday, November 5, 2010



U-805 surrenders off Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The term "GRUPPE SEEWULF" somewhat of an unfamiliar term to most....but if you mention it too those in the 'know' in the higher ranks of the U.S. referred to "Hilter's planned U-boat attack on the East Coast of the U.S."

Six German U-boats was to form up on April 14th, 1945 just north of the Azores....this 'Group' was to be known as "Gruppe Seewulf."  There was generally described was to sweep across the North Atlantic convoy routes in order to draw some of the American Hunter-Killer Groups from British coastal waters.

The U.S. Navy got word of this "Group" they formed two lines of ships in the expected path of this 'group' heading for the U.S. East Coast......because the Navy had figured the "Gruppe Seewulf's" mission was to fire V-2 rockets from towed launching pads on too the U.S. coast.

So the push was on to stop this 'group' ....and 'stop them they did.'

This article is about the sinking, capture, and surrender of these six well as some details on how events lead up to this event.
If you think you'd care to give this 8 or 9 page the way there is some excellent pictures imbedded in the article.....just click on this title: GRUPPE SEEWULF

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