Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm sure your mind is wondering just a tad at how the above picture relates to the 'title,' and to the subject matter that this 'blog' of mine normaly cranks out.....well let me provide you with just a 'taste' of this particular article ...then you can decide from there if you want to devote any time to 'give it a read.'

The SS Mormacsea, which was a merchant freighter, was laying dockside in Trondheim, Normay in the early morning of April 9th, 1940.

The Captain, Master William McHale, and her crew were all snuggled down in there bunks enjoying the few remaining minutes of a good nights sleep when a few of these sleepy souls, including the Captain, was awakened by the noise of serveral aircraft circling the ship..........Whoa!!!...what is going on here??

Well just about the time the Captain decided to get up....grab his pants and make himself presentable to the 'masses'...he was notified that a German cruiser was pulling into this same harbor....and low and behold the same cruiser was asking permission to pull along side the Mormacsea.  Now, this made Captain McHale just a tad say the least.

Once the German cruiser was secured along side the Mormacsea her captain came aboard and greeted Captain McHale.....he explained that 2,000 Nazi troops had just landed and now occupied the port of well as surrounding countryside.

The German Captain wanted to make it very clear to Captain McHale that Germany had no quarrel with the U.S. or any of her merchant vessels....he and the troops were only there to protect the Norwegians against a British he could rest easy.

The reason Captain McHale was just a tad more than 'uneasy' with all of such an early hour on this morning was.....unknown to the Germans at the times was the $4,500,000 of gold ingots buried deep in the hold of the SS Mormacsea...that held 800 tons of peat.....of which was actually headed for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

So...immediately what was running through Capatin McHale's mind....." in the hell am I going to get this 'cargo' out of 'Dodge?????"

Well so now you know how gold ingots has a "headline" in this article....well if you'd care to give this one a going over....just click on this title: DARING ESCAPE OF THE SS MORMACSEA 
Hope you enjoy the article