Sunday, May 27, 2012


Alexander Semmes was not nearly as famous as his cousin Raphael, who made a name for himself as captain of the Confederacy's most successful commerce raider.  Alexander stayed Loyal to the Union and made his own reputation stopping blockade runners on the west coast of Florida in the USS Tahoma.

Captain Raphael Semmes of the CSS Alabama is well known to those who have studied the naval side of the Civil War. His exploits around the world in the Confederate States navy made him a much-needed hero to the people of the Southand an infamous pirate to the leadership and merchants of the north. He was, however,not the only sailor named Semmes who fought in the bloodiest conflict this nation has known, fought with the U.S. Navy in a backwater squadron on the tropical coasts of Florida and gained a reputation there as an aggressive and successful ship commander.

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