Saturday, October 20, 2012


     No one dared guess that the large number of mess attendants and cooks on the decks of the sub Gudgeon were actually Filipino guerrillas embarking on a dangerous mission in the Japanese-occupied Philippines.  This was the start of a series of daring missions in Japanese-occupied territory

     Anyone happening to glance towards the American fleet-type submarine USS Gudgeon (SS-211) during the night of Sunday, 27 December 1942, as she lay moored to the dock at Fremantle, Australia, might have observed an unusual sight. Seven mess boys boarded the submarine, saluted the colors, and then Immediately proceeded down the hatch. No sooner were they below decks than the Gudgeon, captained by L/Cmdr. William Stovall, Jr., slid away from the dock and quietly maneuvered out to sea.

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