Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm sure you are wondering why I would be writing about a "Museum"....well first of all I think it is extremely interesting of what it offers....and also the amount of 'ship data' that accompanies and encircles  these sailing vessels.  Hopefully it will be informative as well as interesting to you.

The Seaport Museum founded 1967 by Peter and Norma Sanford, originally opened as a museum with the intent to conserve the historic ships and buildings reflecting the seaport's heyday from 1820 to 1880.  Today, the museum section includes a twelve-square-block historic district with a cobblestone street and the Schermerhom Row of historic buildings.  The South Street Seaport Museum is home to a large collection of historic vessels dating back to 1885.  The smaller vessels at the port are: Pioneer, a 1885 schooner; the Ambrose Light ship, 1908; the Helen McAllister, a 1900 tugboat; the W.O. Decker, a 1930 tugboat, and the 1932 Chandler Lighter Marion M.  All of these boats have been designated National Historic Landmarks by the National Park Service.

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