Sunday, April 21, 2013


I put out a bi-monthly flyer to some of the watering holes that I visit.  These establishments normally have a gathering of old salts of sailors and merchant seamen.  So to have something to chat, discuss, argue, and lie about....I provide a bi-monthly flyer to "encourage" the conversation....and to get the guy next to me to buy me a beer.

So this article has a variety of subject matter...some of it is "fairly recent" some of is not, some you may already know....but one thing for is not "century old news."

I get a lot of this from individuals that send me material....I stow it away and then when the guy next to me doesn't offer to buy me any more beer....I bang out one of my "Scuttle-Butt News" fliers and then we continue on with lying, arguing, yelling and having a great time....and more beer flows.  So...from time to time I do will be putting one of these out for y'all can print one off...take it to your local pub.....and have a grand ole time.

The "Scuttle-Butt News" article is HERE