Sunday, September 15, 2013


Oh yes...."Tug Boats" we've all heard of and have a picture in our mind of what a tug should look least us "old salts" do.
But, oh yes there is a "but" things has changed....just like the old "land line phone to cell phones."  This is a good thing and the same can be stated about the ole "tug-boats."
You see as the environment changes, our world changes...more cars, means more oil, more oil means bigger tankers to haul the oil....and here comes that word "but" again.....what happens when these big super tankers get into trouble at sea....when that happens our shores are in for a "world of hurt."
Well someone has to find the tanker that is in trouble, fix what ever the problem is...and get it the hell out of there.....this my friends takes a new type of tug....the ETV [EMERGENCY TOWING VESSELS] is how that all came to be CLICK: HERE