Monday, June 28, 2010



The Japs had their strategy for Pearl Harbor carefully worked out.  They would swoop down on the warships at Pearl Harbor and before we could get up they would overtake all the strategic bases in the central, south and west Pacific areas.  Under their iron boot heels they would drive all the natives of Guam, the Solomons, the Philippines, and other islands so that we could not use them to extend our supply lines.  They would finally come to the United States to dictate the peace in the White House.

That's what the Japanese master minds figured on.  And, that's where they went oh so wrong.  One reason for their failure was that we uncovered an amazing, two-fisted organization of cargo handlers - stevedore battalions, each as big as the construction battalions which were formed to build bases on far-flung fighting fronts, and each determined to build a supply line as strong as the chain of factories which fed it.

Well folks here is more or less the untold story of that "Two-Fisted Organization"...a behind the lines look at how the fighting man in the foxhole was provided his ammo, socks, food....and even right down to the toothpicks he well as the big stuff...bulldozers, cranes, trucks, heavy lifters...etc...  All from a unit of the "Seabees".....if you want to give this 10 pager or so a read...just click:  HERE

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Bud Shortridge