Monday, June 14, 2010



If your a reader of Naval history I'm sure you've heard of the "German Submarine Wolf Packs" that prowled the Altantic during WW II.  They were in search of the long lines of convoys that transported the much needed supplies to the fighting crews in the far off lands.  Actually they were extremely effective for a good long time.

The "Wolf Packs" was so useful that we [U.S. Navy] took a long hard look at developing our own "Wolf Pack" program with our own subs in the Pacific.  The U.S. had to come up with a way to slow down or stop the Japanese convoys that was feeding supplies and troops to the many islands that we were attempting to take over or hold on too.  So "Wolf Packs" had been an on going research project....but it was hindered in getting off the ground due to the lack of ships and the extensive areas to be patrolled.

Well along about 1944 everything came together....and the U.S. Navy did in fact put together "Wolf Packs" but the U.S. Navy developed them "One Better"  in 'Tactics' than what the German's had....

I have an article that you can 'click' on an it will explain to you the 'Tactics' use by the U.S. Submarine Force that was in the was truely awesome.  The title of the article is: U. S. WOLF PACKS: DOING IT THE AMERICAN WAY.  [Just click on this title and it will take you to the article]
In this article I provided 'three' examples how this U.S. Wolf Pack concept more or less crushed the Japanese convoys in the Pacific

Hope you enjoy the article

Bud Shortridge