Saturday, July 24, 2010



Once the war was over and we got the boys home....we had gathered up about 4,870 ships that was sailing under the American flag....and 244 were American-owned sailing under a foreign flag....making a grand total of 5,114 ships.....and we had to find a place to put these floating monsters...reason being "We really didn't know what the heck to do with all these ships."  Then somebody came along and made the statement, "Hey, one never knows when we may need some of these vessels again."

So the question came up..."Where are we going to put all these puppies??"

Oh yes, the agencies had permission to sell them, dispose of them, or just to 'get rid of them in just about any way they could....but first of all they had to be 'herded up and storied to some manageable degree'....and that is one heck of alot of ships to put in one coral.

So what happen was this: In 1946, or there abouts, it was decided that eight anchorages would be established in rivers and basins in the U.S. that could and would be adequate to hold and store these vessels for what amount to several years.

This is what this article is all give the reader some idea of where these sites were, and what it took to get them ready to receice these mighty haulers of our war cargo and troops. 

Oh yes, some of it might be a tad boring to you, but in general it gives a pretty good thumbnail accounting of each anchorage....I'd say it is a pretty good history lesson ...something that is worth retaining just for some general knowledge...that is if your interested in 'Naval History."

If so...just click: HERE  for the article titled "The Bone Yards"