Tuesday, July 6, 2010



I've always been in awe of 'battleships'....I guess it is the shear size of these ladies that somewhat overwhelms me when I put them in perspective to other vessels of the era of 'battleships.' 

Lets take the USS Maryland (BB-46) as a mere example:...16-in thick to throw a 2,000-lb shell out of her 16-in guns 23 mile...with unbeliveable pin point accuracy...and just think of this little known fact....her 1100 crewmen were all volunteers ....WoW!! in my book that is saying alot.

Now if you want to find out more indepth about the USS Maryland....all the way from March of 1920 to her 'rest in peace scrapping' July of 1959...well you may wish to give the article a going over....

The story of the USS Maryland (BB-46) is about 11 or so pages long....some excellent pics embedded in the article itself.  "Yes" it is a ship history....and maybe, to some a tad boring, but when you once read the article....step back and ponder just how 'mighty' this lady was....I think you'll really appreciate what these "battlewagons" and all the seamen that sailed her....provided for this country of ours....  She done what was asked of her...she took some beatings....she licked her wounds ...and dished it right back to the enemy.

"Yes" she was one fighting lady....and that is why she got the nickname "Fighting Mary"

You can read this article by clicking:  HERE