Saturday, August 21, 2010



I get to looking back into Naval history and the more I read the more I have to stop and attempt to wrap my mind around on "How in the world did we actually progress from 'Point A to Point B' in the development of the vessels and equipment we are familiar with in todays master of the seas?"

One such of these 'pieces of equipment' was Aircraft Carriers.  Did you realize that 'Carrier Aviation' began without a single purpose-built Naval Fighter in the Navy's inventory?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a huge follower of Naval Aviation history....but when it inter-connects with how the vessels that inter-act with this evolution then that grabs my attention.

So...if your interested in the U.S. Naval Fighter and how it all came about...this two-part article maybe just the ticket on some insight to seeing how we got from "A to B" in this much historic event.

If any one factor became apparent in the remarkable growth of Naval aviation during WWI, it was that the Navy felt little need to develop a modern Naval fighter. Indeed, out of a force that numbered more than 2000 recently-acquired Naval aircraft, most were flying boats,seaplanes and training types. Less than 100 in the Naval inventory were fighters and these were largely a mix of worn out foreign-built aircraft totally unsuited for Naval needs. So it was that as the guns on the Western Front fell silent and the Navy contemplated acquiring its first long deferred aircraft carrier, little thought had been given to the potential role of fighters in the as yet undeveloped doctrine of Naval airpower

Now as I stated above....this is a "Two Part" if you wish to give "Part I" a look-see....then just click on this: PART I  and then if this part one captures your interest and you want to continue...then just click on: PART II

Hope you enjoy the article