Monday, August 23, 2010



Due to my hobby ....if you wish to call it that...on banging out these so-called articles....I was asked by some of my "Local Watering Hole Buddies"...[old salts that like to get together at the local bar and swap lies on occasion] produce a loose fitted "Naval Newsletter."

Well one thing led to another and so about a couple of years ago I put the "Scuttle-Butt" newsletter on paper....and passed it around to my Vet buddies at some of the local watering holes I visit..."only on occasion."

This "Scuttle-Butt News" is comprised of varied Naval subject matter...of all countries...some are recent above pic of the USS Nimitz, .........and then there is some that is historic items of interest...such as the above pic of the "Kalakala"...the pics are  accompany by a short  versions of the subject matter. this 'issue' oh my is 14 pages long....and it is just filled with subject matter: Operation "Unified Response" in Haiti; Dazzle Panting; Why a ship Model; X47B UCAS {unmanned Combat Air System}....and many more short informational stories.

So...if you'd care go see one of my "Scuttle-Butt" Newsletters....well now is your chance.  Just click on Scuttle-Butt and this will take you right too the newsletter....  And if you have a comment...don't hesitate to "let it be known"....always willing to accept...
Hope you enjoy