Saturday, October 2, 2010


In her colorful 30-year career, this hard-steaming passenger liner played many roles and performed each with the flair and aplonb of the pedigree that had been built into her.

During the first two years of WW II, before the United States was drawn in by the attack on Pearl Harbor, a Canadian ship conducted many operations that would son be done by American ships. Although we were officially neutral at the time, Americans would have been pleased with the actions of this ship, had we known more about what she was doing. These activities included such things as patrolling the coast of North America, capturing a potential supply ship with ties to a German raider, taking German agents off an American liner at sea, and looking for survivors of the first American merchant ship sunk after Pearl Harbor.

The ship was the “Prince Robert” which, over the course of more than 30-years, served in a variety of roles under the Maple Leaf flag. She began life during the depression years as a civilian coastal liner for Canadian National Steamship in northwestern waters, after which she served as a cruise ship to the West Indies. When war came along, she became His Majesty’s Canadian Ship “Prince Robert,” an armed merchant cruiser. After the war, she was an immigrant ship for several years, carrying emigres to and from Europe, and finally closed out her distinguished career as a passenger liner under the Italian flag. you'd really like to know more about this old girl wouldn't you...well...all you have to do is 'click' on this title: PRINCE ROBERT  and this will link you up to the article...and if I must say so myself this is a pretty neat ship...and she has an impressive history.

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