Sunday, January 1, 2012


In researching 'Ship History' or 'Ship Sinkings' is not unusual to run across a vessel that was attack an experience weird situations...but sometimes the weird part is just 'who' attack her.  This is the case of the SS Columbian...a Merchant freighter en route from New York to Basra, Iraq.

As I dig through page after page..and volumes of WW II ship attacks...I find some info...oh yes, what I run across seems to be ok an believable...but is it??...nothing to back it up...just one statement and that is it!! and this is the case with the SS Columbian.

They say...[and I don't even know who 'they' are] that the above Italian Sub: Archimede was involved in the attack on the SS Columbian....hmmmmm...I wonder???

If anyone has additional info...I'd sure love to give it a once over.

Here is the details of "what I do know for sure"

A short and interesting mystery