Tuesday, March 20, 2012


St. Lo (CVE-63)

As any "old salt" will tell you...especially if he's been smelling the 'salt-air' for a few years....susperstition  is wide spread in the "Navy."

Take for instance the Escort Carrier USS Midway....well upon launching there was the death of a shipyard worker.....then her named was changed to "St. Lo"...  So you say, "Well that has no bearing on making her an unlucky ship".....well "Mr/Mrs" reader.....tell you what...she fulfilled ever dire prediction that she indeed was one "UNLUCKY" ship.

This is a long article....but I do believe it is informative....and will indeed hold your interest.  If you'd care to give it a go along with your glass of wine tonight...or that fine glass of can click on this  Kaiser's Coffins  to get you to the article that will spell it all out to you...

I will apologize to you for the quality of some of the pictures....extremely difficult to locate quality pics of this battle..

Hope you enjoy