Thursday, March 22, 2012


I'm sure many of you...if not all of you have some knowledge of the 'Liberty Ship' of WW II.  There were 2,710 of these "Ugly Ducklings" as they were called.
During the War 833 were sunk...taking with them 6,834 mariners.  So after the War we had a generous supply of these ships stashed in several anchorages around the country.
Oh yes, some were sold to other countries and special deals made to steamship companies whom wish to purchase and use for commercial uses.
Well someone got the hair-brain idea to drag a few out of storage and "re-do" them...or 'Soup them up.'  They even had a name for this program....."Liberty Ship Engine Conversion Program."

Here's the story about how this all came about...and how it ended up.