Sunday, August 19, 2012


Regular readers of sea classic novels, ship histories, as well as sea venture history most likely have visited maritime museums and therefore appreciate how the numerous precisely executed ship models on display
enhance one’s understanding of Naval history. You may even be a ship model builder, or collector. I’ve frequently made use of pictures of ship models and
miniature nautical dioramas to illustrate my historical articles on ships and seafaring. They usually provide a clearer image of the actual ship than do hasty, blurry action photographs of the vessels or paintings and woodcuts by landlubberly artists who distort the proportions and fudge the details. It’s particularly true of depictions of ships before the advent of photography in the 1830's. Further, the model allows one to examine the “full hull” perspective - often lacking in illustrations of ships at sea - as well as to examine the ship from a variety of angles.

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