Wednesday, May 29, 2013


President Roosevelt described the Liberty ships as forming a "Bridge across the Atlantic", and when you  really get to thinking of what these vessels performed I would say that description pretty much hit the "nail on the head."
This article has several Liberties, [as well as their 'half-sisters' Oceans and Fort stories embedded in this well as describing who actually captured the first 'Enigma Machine.'...[well it certainly was not the Americans].
I have included the battle between the Sambo ex Edwin Joseph O'Hare and the I-27....which was not a good turn out for Sambo....but the I-27 met up with the HMS Petard and Paladin  where as she met her end, but not before she put up one damn good fight.

So....if you are 'into' Liberty ships, convoys, and good British info as may wish to take a look at this one....
If you wish to HERE to get to the article.