Sunday, September 19, 2010


Yes Sir.....Mr. Daniel K. Ludwig....he made his mark as a "Super Tanker" builder, and he was darn good at doing what he knew best.

Actually Daniel Ludwig started at a very young age in his first nautical the age of nine he bought a sunken 26-ft boat....raised that darn thing...repaired it....and chartered it for twice what he paid for it.

As he got older he broadened his scope of business ventures as far as the shipping trade goes.  He had a few ships in and around the 1920's that were hauling lumber and barrel staves....which he was doing "ok" at...but he heard that hauling oil was where the money was really he got involved in hauling oil for the U.S. Navy.

Well one thing led to another....more oil needed to be hauled, so bigger ships needed to be leased or acquired why not build them?

So Daniel Ludwig got involved in building tankers....and he also studied the 'system'...and got to understand the Merchant Fleet Corp. (MFC)..which was a division of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce...once he done his 'homework' Mr. Ludwig knew how to "play" the system to purchase ships, sell them, and how to take parts from one ship and apply to another...  Believe me Mr. Ludwig took advantage of every 'corner' to enhance his companies...which all were connected with 'building tankers.' 

At the height of his career...Mr. Daniel K. Ludwig had an estimate wealth of $1.2 billion dollars....and it was all due to his "Knowing How to Play the System" of Government and his own Private Shipping Company.

So if you'd care to get some insight on how the government and the private shipping companies 'wheeled and dealed' this would be an excellet article to take a gander at, and the leader of these guys was Mr. Daniel K. Ludwig.

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