Saturday, September 11, 2010



On April 9th, 1940....the Germans invaded and quickly conquered Norway and Denmark.....well if you know just a tad about history you'll remember that along about this same time Great Britain's Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain resigned, and then along came Winston Churchill.

Prime Minister Churchill immediately had alot of problems to deal in his attempt to lead his nation through a really tough times, but the toughest of them all was "How to protect British merchant shipping at sea against formidable German U-boat forces."

You see Britain is and was an island nation, and it required massive imports of food and other raw materials to support its citizens and burgeoning war economy.  In fact before the war Britain had imported over 59 million tons of food and raw materials a year, including about 'all' its petroleum....most all of this came across the North Atlantic. 

The German U-boat commander Grossadmiral Karl Donitz established submarine basses on the French Atlantic coast.....which was an ideal location in which to 'control' the North Atlantic.   But, Donitz also succeeded in gaining operational control from the Luftwaffe over a group of four-engine, long-range Focke-Wulf Fw 200C "Condors".  This my fellow readers is where this story begins.

The "Condors" would fly out into the North the incoming convoys laden with supplies to Britain...they would communciate their location to the U-boats and then they would move in and take care of business.

So this is the beginning of how Britain came into designing "CAM" and "MAC" ships.....developed from the FCS well as how the Sea Hurricane plane became a part of all this......
Interesting????....oh my yes!!!  A tough fight, but Britain did in fact conquer in the long term

Ok if your into learning just a tad of history....just click on this title and you are in for one excellent military history here: SCOURGE OF THE NORTH ATLANTIC   

Hope you enjoy the read.