Monday, March 28, 2011


If you've done a tad of reading on WW II....surely you have run across reading about what took place at "Normandy".....and then, most generally connected with "Normandy" is the word "Gooseberry".... 

To make it real simple to understand the Allies gathered up old battered, bombed, torpedoed and mined ships....yep...any derelict floating cork that could still manuver under her own power ....they took  these, not of use any more vessels,  from point A to point B...sunk with explosives, to form an  'instant breakwater, ....most generally about a 1,000 yds off shore

Now this event was not only used at Normandy....there was actually a "Gooseberry" for each designated D-Day invasion beach.

This pretty much  from more or less a seaman perspective....and I'm not sure everyone realizes that during the process of linning up the they were setting there waiting for there turn for the explosives to be triggered...the Armed Guard Units were on these well as the crews...and were being attack by the Germans.  These units were in 'fire fights' while awaiting for the 'Gooseberry' to be formed...

So...if you'd care to let your eyes to dance over this article....I think you'll be enlightened to some interesting facts.....
Just click on this link:  GHOST SHIPS OF NORMANDY

Hope you enjoy the article.