Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I have put in several years in the U.S. Navy.....but I never have set foot on one of these "Big, Boxy, Flat-Bottomed" vessels...of which is an LST...and actually I feel that is "My loss".....because I think these "Surf-Boards" was one heck of a work horse.

Now this article was not meant to be a long lengthy historical document on the complete history of the LST....but I did wish to provide just a 'slight' overview....or as we call it in todays world....a "thumbnail" of the history of this "Work-Horse" of a vessel.  There are many articles on the LST's on the net.....and I have additional ones myself....floating around on this blog or in my Archives of articles.

Anyway....if your interested in "Amphibious Ships" and you just want to gather up a tad of info on where in the world did they come many was made....well this 'may' be the short the point article...... that will satisfy your "Need-To-Know" on the LST.

Also...the article may get you to wonder.....what will the design of this type be in the future?????...hmmmmmmm....that I think would be interesting to dwell upon. is the link: LST ....LARGE SLOW TARGET

Hope you find the article interesting to read.