Saturday, June 11, 2011


One Thing to Get the Ship Torpedoed Out From Under You....
But How About Being Captured By the Enemy as well??

Now here is a case where an American freighter....the SS Carlton, attempted to get her cargo to Murmansk, USSR on two attempts....first off she was in the convoy PQ-16....  Well that didn't work out all that well due to the fact the convoy was attack by German planes....and she got a little out of wack due to a bomb being dropped.

Well she got involved in another fact it was convoy PQ-17...and we all know what happened to this convoy.

Anyway....she tangled with U-88.....and her crew ended up captured by the Germans....whom landed seaplanes after the survivors was in the lifeboat....and hauled most aboard.....

Ok...I'm getting way ahead of myself is an interesting short true article ....that I think you'll wonder "How in the heck did these guys endure???"

If you wish to give it a can click on the below link

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