Sunday, June 26, 2011


This article provides some insight to the 'word' that best describes the style of the very early vessels.....and actually most of these same I.D.'s have been carried over into this modern world of ours.

Now this "TWO PART" article could be considered a tad dry reading for some.....but I myself I've always wondered, "About the mystery behind the word"......"How did they [who ever 'they' were] come up with this naming of an item...or a place...hmmmmmmmm for thought].  

Well I started this off back in the sixteenth as I could provide the reader with some back ground on the true origin of how this all came about.

As an about ships called "frigates?".....the history of this word is a long one....going back to the early times in the Mediterranean when the big galleys were equipped with a smaller tender....also oared, called a "fregata."  The 'fregata' remained in attendance until the demise of the galley, latterly being lightly armed to enable her to intervene in battle when the opportunity presented itself.

Ok...this should give you some insight of how this article is going to play out.  As I stated is a "Two Part" article.....just click on the links below if you'd care to let your eyes dance over this jumble of words.


Hope you enjoy the article