Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Scheduled to be an assault three times the magnitude of the Normandy landings, the invasion of Japan's home islands was also expected to be the bloodiest battle ever fought.
Myoki Ushami still remembers her defiant teacher’s words well. “We’d been taken from Nagoya far into the countryside to escape the fire bombings by the American B-29s.  Our teacher took delight in describing every detail of how we girls, age 12 to 15, were going to kill the American soldiers with knives, spears and stakes before they could rape us when they invaded our Japanese homeland.” “Everyone will fight beside our valiant army when the Yankee infidels come,” Myoki’s teacher vouched. “They’ll find 28-million civilians ready to sacrifice their lives to defend our homeland.”  Were his commands a fanatical promise, or the empty boast of a dispirited warrior?  Luckily, Myoki would never know. 

Many know very little about this perposed battle......and actually it will knock your socks off when reading about it....

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