Thursday, August 25, 2011


Months before Pearl Harbor the Navy began design studies that envisioned a quartet of giant new carriers intended to improve on the then-building Essex-class.  The result would be the 45,000-ton Midway-class, the largest warships ever built for the U.S. Navy.
The 'Big-Wigs' ....or the Naval planners was in a heated debate of a new project....  They were given a mandate to conceive a giant new class of battle carrier.  You see the old 'battlewagons' were a 'thing of the past' sort of thing.  The battleships were far, far too expensive...and on top of that it with aviation coming into play at an ever increasing rate....we needed a new "muscle man" to lead the charge.

Oh my yes!!!! it was a heated was darn near as heated a discussion as the temp was in Washington  on these 'dog day days'......  The problem was no two people could agree on what road to travel....they were as one would say, "All over the damn map."

Oh they all knew they need a "NEW CARRIER"...there was no doubt in there minds on that....but not one of them could agree with this steamy summer of 1941 on how to configure these 45,000-ton vessels. here is the deal Mr. you can probably guess this is going to be a 'lengthy' fact it is in 'Two Parts' if you don't have enough wine, or if you prefer the amber liquid of beer..[hey love the stuff myself]...I would suggest you have the wife go out and purchase enough to get you through this.

All kidding is lengthy and it my opinion...pretty darn why wouldn't I say that..I'm the one that banged it out!!!!!

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