Thursday, August 25, 2011


Your first step in the U.S. Navy is most generally what was referred to as "boot camp"....and in most cases it was a "night-mare' of transforming from "your way to the Navy way"...but, eventually you came around to took awhile....but it did get accomplished.

Then it was onto least for most of us....a ship....big, medium, or those corks in the water....and if you were real lucky you got 'sub duty' which I truly loved!!!

Anyway...there you are out there riding those waves....Ah...what a feeling!!!!  Then one evening you hear the word come over the speaker system....button up the hatches, and get ready for 'Foul Weather".   Well to all you land lubbers this is when the "Newbee" sailor suddenly realizes that whatever his job is in this type of foul weather....he better do it well.....reason is....this is his happy home and if this "home" suddenly does not float anymore.....he himself is in deep, deep trouble.

So...this article is about the connection between ship and sailor....and nothing brings this out more that what took place at Pearl Harbor.  When something like that takes place....your ship goes down...everything is affects.  Where do you go to eat and sleep??

Do you realize that sailors from the USS Nevada had to beg, borrow or steal food...when they did actually find some stew they ate it out of there hand.

This article will provide you with some insight into what this connection is between ship and sailor....and it don't matter if your talking about a crewmen....officer...or the old man himself.

It is a short article that can probable be read with one good cup of coffee
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