Saturday, August 27, 2011


The shortage of steel in WW I prompted the Government to build cargo ships out of wood, a costly program that created a billion-dollar boondoggle.
This is not a story that many people realize took place.....oh yes, I am aware this all took place before many of us even knew what this world was all about

This era was not all that good in and around 1914 as far a U.S. was concerned...due to the fact that export cargo's were building up.....and there was no available ships to get this cargo overseas....yes it was one heck of a problem.

Well the Government stepped in and passed some emergency legislation under the U.S. flag for operation in the foreign trade.

Well I could go on and on here but I'm not going to do that...the end result was a huge upsurge in ship construction of over 2300 companies that had never in there life put together a ship....well you will not believe how all this turned out.

So if you're in for a tad of enlightenment on Navy and shipping history...well you may wish to give this article a glance....not a long article....(1) fairly full glass of wine should do the trick...or maybe (it is a two beer story)...

If I've got your interest "up"...well this is how you can pop it on the ole computer screen with one hand while your sipping the "juice of the vine" with the other...

Hope you enjoy and find it interesting

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