Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Now folks here is a guy .....I swear...he saw things that most people wouldn't gosh you would have thought he was on the hooch all the time.  Ok you say, "Well Bud every family has one of these types of individuals....hmmmmmmm....well maybe so...but let me throw some examples at you.

He says, he witnessed the burning of the Merrimac off Craney without taking a breath he also said  he saw ships swallowed whole in Hel's Gate.  Dynamite Johnny even watched the 'Main' rise from its watery grave only to be ceremoniously sunk you tell me what this guy was on??

Ole Dynamite Johnny...was born in the dry-dock section of New York.  Oh yes a tough part of doubt about he had plenty of 'brine' running through his veins.  He even 'cut his nautical teeth piloting the ferry across Hell's Gate.....oh yes he did in deed!!!!

Tell you what....I can set here and pound out all kinds of things about this guy....and excuse my 'French' but this is one hell of an article...but I've banged this story out I'll let you go get that chilled glass, fill it with a tad of "cheap wine"...(my goodness cheap or expensive after awhile you still get a 'buzz' so who care's...whatever trips your trigger)....and indulge in the article.

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