Thursday, December 29, 2011


Young men and women ...regardless of the dangers of  the sea....they like the adventures...or some like myself call it a wanderlust.  These youngsters many of which sign on to the Navy's of their country...or into a Merchant service as their career.  Sail training is the beginning of learning seamanship and gaining it is clearly understood why these sailing training ships was still a part of the sea....even in the 1950's.

To the world and her stout-hearted crew of young sea cadets, the Pamir appeared indestructible for she's weathered many a storm in her illustrious career as a training ship.  But then fate intervened - proving once again that nothing is sacrosanct at sea.

A sadness to the loss of any life at sea...but to lose 80 seamen is considered more than is simply "tragic."

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