Friday, December 16, 2011


This Liberty was named after Lawyer and social reformer Clarence Seward Darrow whom was the most famous and controversial defense attorney of the early twentieth century. He won unprecedented fame in momentous courtroom battles in which he championed the causes of labor, liberal social thought, and the use of scientific Criminology. His aggressive legal tactics, as well as his outspoken denunciations of industrial capitalism, political corruption, and popular religion, aroused animosities throughout his life. But in the end, his compassion for oppressed persons, as well as his winsome personality, compelled friends and foes alike to honor his unparalleled legal career as attorney for the damned.
The SS Clarence Darrow a Liberty ship freighter was built at California Shipbuilding Corp.  Here Keel was laid on April 30th 1943.  Lauched on May 23rd 1943 and Delivered on June 6th, 1943 to her operator: Matson Navigation Co.  Following postwar service she entered the James River Reserve Fleet on June 1, 1946 and then was withdrawn on March 1, 1947.

1947 (Apr.) the Clarence Darrow was sold to Det Forenede D/S A/S and was going to display the Denmark flag and the name was changed to Oregon.
1948 (Nov.) she was damaged by mine (near Emden).
1959 she was sold to White Cross Maritime, Ltd and would be displaying the Liberia flag and her name changed to White Cross.
1960 she was sold to United White Shipping Co., Ltd and would continue to display the Liberian flag and she would retain the name of White Cross.
1964 she was sold again to Century Shipping Lines, Inc. and displaying the Philippines flag and renamed Don Ramon.
1964 (Sept. 25th) she was heavily damaged by typhoon "Wilda" (Osaka), refloated October 4th, repaired, resumed service.
1965 she was to remain flying the Philippines but her name wast changed to Safe Philippine Anchorage.

Safe Philippine Anchorage

1968 (Nov. 26) she was purchased by the Shipbreakers, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Author: Bud Shortridge