Friday, April 15, 2011


Just Who Were the "first ones in"....and the...."last ones to leave?"
Well if you guess "YMS"...that 'guess' was an educational one.

I've said it many times can read many articles that revolve around the Wars...and in most times what you'll read about are the "big boys" with the heavy hitting guns...and crews that either number close to a 100 or several 100....  This article is about the 'little guys'.....and to be more specific a group of 'mine sweepers' they labeled 'YMS'.....  Only 136 ft.....but able to dance over them waves to work there butt off in doing what they was designed to do.

Actually....these little wooden-hulled corks was so important that no invasion could have taken place without let me tell you folks...."that is one heck of a statement.".....but you have to realize that sealanes needed to be made safe for navigation....and that ment clearing the mines....both coming in and going out.

This unit of men had a saying: "Wherever the Fleet Goes....We've Been"...  oh how true that was.  So much so that nothing really happens by way of naval action, movement or engagement....surface or submerged....until the seas have been cleared of all mines......and you can put all the "periods" you want after that statement!!!!!

So if you would like to be enlightened ...."just a tad" give this one a going over ........I'll bet when you get done with the 11 page'll have some deep appreciation for these somewhat little 'puddle-jumpers'

Click on this for a link titled : YMS FIRST IN, LAST OUT

Hope you enjoy!!!