Thursday, April 7, 2011



If your looking for a "Blood and Guts" story....and imbedded in the story is a 'real hero'....well let me tell you this "Mr. Reader"....this is it!!!!

Not many has read all that much about the history of the Coast Guard....I know dog-gone well I haven't...that is until I happened upon this little ditty buried in the bowels of some journal I was reading at the library.  At the end...all I could think was a three letter word to describe what took place and what two "Coast Guardmen" and a horse acomplished using just plain "blood and guts" to get the job done...which was saving was "WOW!!!!!

You see in the Coast Guard....early on...there was what they then referred to as "The Beach Patrol"....and these guys that was in this service....which actually, in time.... fell under the umbrella of the U.S. Navy....were called "Surfmen.  These guys would actually partol the beaches on  horseback to spot ships in trouble....and then get the word to other surfman at 'stations' help rescue seamen if the ship became in danger of grounding or breaking up. is the story of these two "Surfman"...of the Beach Patrol...set along the Carolina coast in 1899.....  These two guys are attempting to help seaman from two ships the....the three mast schooner Aaron Reppard....and  the barkentime Priscilla that got caught in the great hurricane of 1899.

Well if you care to give it a go....just click on this: THE COAST GUARD BEACH PARTOL  and I do believe your in for a real "jaw dropper" ....