Thursday, April 28, 2011


"This Beach is All Yours Through the Courtesy of Mine Squadron Three"
-so read the sign on the beach at Wonsan-

Well when the 250 ships armada.....which consised of the landing force....arrived off Wonsan harbor on October 19th...what was in the plan was getting all the men and equipment onto the beachhead....but it didn't turn out that way.

That whole landing force....all they could do is steam "back & forth" for six days....what they were waiting for was the harbor to be cleared of 'mines.' 

What started as an assault landing.....actually became an "adminstrative landing."

Oh yes the 'Sweepers' arrived early to clear the harbor of any as Admiral Struble's 250 ship force could settle in real quick....but they didn't realize that in this harbor over 2,000 mines of all types was implanted..... did all this happen, who and how did this small force get all this accomplished?

Ah yes, we soon learned a lesson that hit us hard....and we soon realize that new concepts in mine sweeping must be in our future.......

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